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Increase your productivity without moving out of your premises

Scaling up for Production and Manufacturing businesses naturally requires more space. Space that comes at a real-estate premium. With TDI Systems Production Mezzanine Floors, you can significantly increase your floor space for a fraction of relocating.

Production Mezzanines lets you:

Create space for manufacturing equipment or finished products

Expand your operation and keep your processes ‘in-house’ & under one roof

Significantly increase your productivity without additional rental costs

Bespoke Production Mezzanine Floor Solutions

We understand that for Production, Industrial & Manufacturing Sectors there isn’t a truer saying than ‘Time is Money’, which is why we work quickly for you, and smartly.

When you choose TDI Systems you are guaranteed:

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Maximise Your Usable Space

The beauty of Production Mezzanine Floors is their versatility and their cost-efficiency. We design the mezzanine level to suit your needs and requirements and we spend time planning the logistics and manufacturing your floor to your exact specifications.

With our Additional Ancillary Mezzanine Services, including shelving, racking, and pallet gates, TDI Systems can manage your whole project so you’re ready to go on completion.

Production Mezzanines are built to accommodate:

Heavy Loads

Operations Below

Future Adjustments

Building Regs and H&S

End-to-End, Turnkey Service

At TDI Systems, we cover:

Design & Planning Project Management Planning Permission Fire Protection Safety Barriers Partitioning Storage Racks Full Fit-Outs

Do you know you need more space in your office but not sure how to get it?

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Take a look at our case studies and see how we have helped other Production & Manufacturing Organisations fit their perfect Mezzanine.

“Happy to recommend TDI Systems, when the finished they left everything very clean and the work looks great.”

Richard Heath

Our Commitment To You


We find out exactly what you need & why


We develop a comprehensive design & plan


We manufacture & install from start to finish

We troubleshoot and problem solve every step of the way.
From Site Visit to Project Completion.

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