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As you can see, the possibilities, and uses, of Mezzanine Floors is endless. This also means that your Mezzanine needs to be finished, and ready, to suit your purpose, requirements and health & safety obligations.

TDI Systems take care of all of this for you.

Our Mezzanine Ancillary Products include:


Handrails & Edging


Pallet Gates

Fire Protection

Mezzanine Decking

We provide a vast range of decking options to suit every environment. Our most popular decking is a 38mm high density particle board, designed specifically for the mezzanine industry. However, we only fit the most suitable decking for your business, taking into account point loads and specific variables.

Our bespoke decking recommendations may include:

Mezzanine Handrails & Edging

Due to the height aspect of a Mezzanine Floor, it is imperative they are finished to a high safety standard and the appropriate, British Standards and Building Regulation approved, handrails and edging are used. With our vast experience, we know exactly what you will need.

Our Mezzanine handrail and edging options include:

Mezzanine Staircases

We provide high quality staircases that ensure safe access, and escape, from our mezzanine floors. Our engineers will advise on the best type of staircase for you, that will meet all of the relevant Building Control and Regulations, as well as maximising the potential of your new space.

Our Mezzanine Staircase options include:

Mezzanine Pallet Gates

To ensure that your Mezzanine Floor is compatible with your work and production systems, we provide Pallet Gates to assist when loading, or unloading, goods. Pallet Gates are a far more efficient alternative compared to a costly, cumbersome goods lift.

Our Pallet Gate service includes:

Mezzanine Floor Fire Protection

The level of fire protection required will depend on the use and structure of your Mezzanine Floor. When you work with TDI Systems, our expert team will advise you on your exact responsibilities and the precautions necessary to protect your employees, equipment, and product.

Every aspect of your project will be designed and executed with fire safety in mind, including:

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“I would like to take this opportunity to say many thanks, to yourself foremost but indeed all of your team and contractors who have done a really good job within the timescale and with little or no effect on our production. Hopefully our paths will cross again, if /when we expand further.”

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