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Installing an office partition is a simple, quick and cost effective way of dividing your workspace into practical separate areas to your existing/new office building. Our range of modern office partitioning systems are quick and easy to install, highly relocatable to accommodate the constantly changing needs of a modern day business, you can choose from the most simple of office partitions, to panels complete with single / double glazed windows, integral blinds and surfaces that can resist fire for up to an hour.

TDI System’s supply a wide selection of office partition systems in a variety of colours and finishes, so you can choose the design that compliments your current décor. All our office partitioning is completed quickly to a very high specification and in line with all current legislation, offering a great solution to office space problems, we offer a full office installation, including mechanical and electrical, carpets and vinyl to décor.

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Composite partitioning is a cost effective fully demountable partitioning system where sound proofing and fire rating properties aren’t required. The system consists of two pieces of plasterboard bonded together with a honeycomb core, and as such cannot accommodate any insulation. Panel elevations can be a combination of solid or single/double glazed and can incorporate inset blinds with access controls.

The system is lightweight aluminium framed which combines good looks with practical construction and has the flexibility of being 100% relocatable. The system is based on a 1200mm module width and is nominally 50mm thick. The versatility of this system, with its options of panel configurations, door sizes and finishes, colour treatment to plastic skirting and aluminium sections, provides a high quality appearance acceptable in office environment yet benefits by being inexpensive compared to similar systems.

Ideal Applications:
General offices/warehouse offices where sound proofing/fire rating isn’t required.

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Metal stud partitioning can be used in any environment due to its durability and strength, levels of acoustic performance and fire rating and as such is the most commonly used partitioning system in the industry. The system comprises of a metal framework with single or multi layers of plasterboard fixed to either side depending on the given application.  A wide range of plasterboards are available, including moisture resistant, fire resistant, and soundbloc boards. Plasterboard joints can be finished with aluminium trims or taped/filled and painted for a seamless finish.

Panel elevations can be a combination of solid or single/double glazed and can incorporate inset blinds with access controls.

Ideal Applications:
General offices/warehouse offices where sound/fire properties are essential
Toilets/canteens/meeting rooms, due to its acoustic properties
Dry-lining/jumbo partitions

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If you’re after the ‘wow’ factor then this system is for you, a frameless glazed partition gives your office a spacious feel allowing the maximum amount of light to penetrate through. This is a popular choice due to the modern finish is provides, available in either single or double glazed and with a range of different glass thickness options depending on the given requirements.

Minimal trackwork is installed at the head and base using 25mm x 25mm ‘u’ channels. The track finish is a polyester powder coating, standard colours available are white/silver or grey. The glass is held in place via the head and base channels and gives a frameless appearance due to the dry joints/silicone between the panels. Glazing thickness ranges from 10mm to 12.8mm and can either be curved or straight. With various door options available including glass or timber, we can design, supply and deliver the ideal system for the client’s needs.

Once the framework is installed, our glazing team will measure the required glass sizes and return to site to install, usually within 5-7 days. Under the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act 1995) advises that for safety a manifestation is installed to the glass so that it is easily identified. This can be achieved with standard hit and miss dots or squares, or your company branding/logo.

Ideal Applications:
General offices/meeting/board rooms

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Steel partitioning is mostly used in warehouse’s for dividing up production areas or creating free standing offices or providing secure areas, we offer either a single or double skin system.

Single Skin: An ideal solution where a high quality and cost effective partitioning system is required for separating work or storage areas.

Panels are constructed from 43 x 43 x 1.2mm (18g) cold-rolled angles and 32 x 32 x 0.7mm (22g) cold-rolled T bars.
Panels are available in solid, mesh or solid/glazed/solid elevations.

Ideal Applications:
General offices/warehouse offices where sound proofing/fire rating isn’t required.

Double Skin: An alternative higher quality partitioning system where a smooth interior finish or good sound reduction is required.
Ideal for work offices, clean rooms and storage areas for chemical and food products.

Panels are constructed from 25.4 x 42 x 25.4 x 1.2 mm (18g) cold rolled channels paneled both sides with 0.8 mm (21g) CR4 mild steel sheet with 30mm Rockwool mineral fibre infill and are joined together using an ‘H’ section. Panels are available in solid, half-glazed, solid/glazed/solid or borrowed light elevation.

Ideal Applications:
General offices/warehouse offices where sound proofing/fire rating is required.
Choice of powder coated finishes to both options.

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TDI supply a wide selection of office partitioning systems in a variety of colours and finishes, so you can choose the design …

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