Building regulations for mezzanine floor installation, what is the process?

Typically, no formal permission from a local authority is required for the installation of a mezzanine floor, however there are some occasions when planning or Building Regulation Approval is required.

We take responsibility to ensure that your mezzanine is designed, manufactured and installed to current building control regulations. All our mezzanine floors are designed to BRE digest 437 and fully conform to regulations.

Once an order has been confirmed and a site survey has been carried out, we will submit drawings & calculations to our approved inspectors, together with a block plan and site plan for their approval. The fees are dependent on the size and overall project cost, we will always confirm these fees during the quotation stage. We can usually receive a certificate of compliance within a few days of receiving an order. Once the works have been carried out, our approved inspector will view the site and inspect the mezzanine floor installation and issue a completion certificate.

Our sales team/surveyors will advise you on what is required for your mezzanine floor installation to meet current Building Regulations Approval. Each mezzanine is different from the next, due to its size, use and location within a building.

The basic rules of thumb are:

Storage Mezzanine Installation

A mezzanine floor used for storage purposes only, with no employees working above for extended periods of time that is under 20m in any direction and is under 50% of the available space within a building doesn’t warrant fire protection. However, if the mezzanine occupies more that this space and has people working above fire protection will be required. This involves installing a fire-resistant suspended ceiling underneath the mezzanine, installing fire resistant column casings around the supports of the mezzanine and installing a fire-resistant fascia to any exposed edges.

Office/Production Mezzanines

A mezzanine floor installation used for office accommodation/production and is permanently occupied will need fire rating as per the above. Depending on the size of the floor and means of escape a protected route may also be necessary.

Travel Distances

Travel distances are an important factor when designing your mezzanine floor and must complied with, a mezzanine floor used for office accommodation will be limited to 18m travel distance in one direction or 45m based on two directions. This means with a single staircase, you must get from the furthest point on the mezzanine to a designated fire exit within 18m, if this can’t be achieved you will need a secondary means of escape. For storage mezzanines this is increased to 25m one-way travel, although the authorities may reduce this by a third due to routes not being defined.

Mezzanine Floors will also need emergency lighting and smoke detection to the underside and above if being used for offices.

Our sales team/surveyors will always design your floor with the above in mind in order to fully comply with the regulations, we have many years of experience and know what pitfalls to look out for, there are two main criteria’s when designing a mezzanine, these being, how to get the occupants out to safety and providing fire fighters a site safe in the event of a fire.

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